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Hotel Villa Pannonia

Venice Lido Hotel Villa Pannonia is situated just 300 m. from the boat station, Santa Maria Elisabetta in Venice Lido. The building dates back to the early 1900's and was used as a summer residence by noble East European families, who enjoyed the famous beaches of the Venice Lido.

The historical façade, belonging to the eclectic period at the beginning of the century, is tinted in a typical Venetian red; an abundance of windows with pointed arches overlook a splendid garden which is at our clients disposal for complete relaxation.

Traditions and modernity harmonise in Hotel Villa Pannonia, Venice Lido; the classic setting enhances the innovation and design which abounds in the avant-garde atmosphere, furniture and objects have been created by famous designers. Within the hotel, a continuous and stimulating art exhibition has been dedicated to contemporary artists.

Hotel dedicated to artists

"Villa Pannonia, and its owners, have always had the main objective of making the hotel, and keeping it so over time, a cultural container and a leading social aggregator in the Venetian society. In its spaces, contemporary art exhibitions by emerging artists are organized, selected exclusively for their own merits, as well as conferences on the history of the Republic of Venice and book presentations, with the presence of authors and cultural personalities. For this reason we allow ourselves to define the Hotel Villa Pannonia in Venice Lido as a Hotel dedicated to artists! "

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Arrive with your car in the hotel's private parking, get off, and in just 10 minutes by vaporetto you will be in Piazza San Marco, or in any destination of interest, knowing that the Hotel Villa Pannonia is waiting for you to relax in its garden, sipping a cocktail away from the tourist flows, and a few meters from one of the most famous beaches in the world.
Zero KM organic food, non-polluting cleaning products in recyclable containers, low-energy consumption appliances and lamps, eco-friendly furnishings, separate waste collection, sustainable mobility with bicycle rental and the elimination of single-dose plastics contribute to forcefully pursuing the our Green hotel message!

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