01 January - 31 December 2011

Hyena's technique makes his works unique and recognizable among thousands. They are a complex mixture of ancient and modern artistic techniques whereas photography and elements of restoration are prevailing. His complexity of language together with his capability of mastering the demands of different artistic disciplines, has allowed him to retain the charm and expressive power of photography - his artistic home - and overcome the main problem related to it: its reproducibility. Each photo is torn, scratched, shattered, as if the artist wanted to exert on it a further form of control and possession; afterwards is reassembled, stitched, made smooth. Each work becomes a unique piece. Hyena's canvases are crossed by the signs of time, from craquelures, drips, traces of resin, creating what he calls "noise." Matter and traces overlap giving depht to his pictures through proceedings and materials borrowed from restoration's technique. The setting recalls the layout of some medieval texts, such as herbaria or bestiaries, in which text and image were coexistent and complementary to each other.


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